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Great Special Offers on Many Collections Including 1/2 Price Lustres and Icing

Upto 60% Off Lace Mats + CupCakeArt mats only £5!

dress-2-WEB  Edible-Fabric-Figurine2-WEB dress-3-WEB main-product-image-WEB2
Stunning Figures Using Edible FabricArt + Midnight Garden Lace  
Crystal Candy is Globally Distributed by i.e.internation UK. See Our Other Brands on our New Website HERE
IMG_4613 copia model paste white web
Pavonidea Platinum Silicon Moulds  Laped Fondants, Modelling & Flower Pastes 



Four New Designs! Take a Look Below.

Crystal Candy: Constantly Providing Our Customers with New Designs & Ideas!

Eden m&L WEB Eden C WEB
New! CI Launch! CakeArt Gold: Eden  The Eden Cake 
Madem--m&l-W   Madem-Cake-W
New! CI Launch! CakeArt Gold: Madamoiselle  The Madamoiselle Cake 
 FB-m&l-WEB  FB-c-WEB
New! CI Launch! Fontainebleu The Fontainebleu Cake 


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New! CI Launch! LoveLace! CakeArt Gold Collection!  The Lovelace Cake
Revolutionary, Ready-Made, FabricArt!
Crystal Candy's TOP SECRET New Icing Formula & Technique!
Sweet! 100% Natural! Edible! Flexible! 3 Colours! 2 Strips Per Pack (35 x 12cm each)
Providing Cake Decorators With More Ways To Be Creative!
SPECIAL OPENING OFFER!!! £12.95 Per Pack or 2 Packs For £19.50! Use Code 'FA2'
 Fabric-bow-cake-WEB Fabric-cake-closeup--WEB Edible-Fabric-Figurine2-WEB
SIlver-Fabric-WEB   White-Fabric-WEBRES

Why Choose Crystal Candy? It's all About the Design!

Our customers choose Crystal Candy silicon mats for the unique, beautiful and intricate designs. They know that it's not about the size of the mat (small, medium or large), it's what's on it!

We design and sell high quality, hand-made, unique silicon mat designs as well as innovative cake decorating product collections at an affordable and competitive price.

Each silicon mat is made from high quality, thick and longer-lasting food-grade silicon. A thicker silicon mat means that it does not move around or buckle when spreading the icing, ensuring a clearly defined design. 

SIGNATURE BLEND ICING is an amazing 2D/3D icing product for creating edible lace effect strips to decorate cakes. It is highly concentrated: 100g of powder makes an amazing 700g of emulsion which in turn makes 30 - 35 strips of icing! And at a great price too!

Plus we are now creating new and unique collections such as EDIBLE DIAMONDS, UNIQUE FINISH DIAMOND LUSTRE DUSTS and much more.

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Amazing Price for an Amazing Product! Crystal Lace Icing Only £10 for 100g!! Makes 35 Strips of Edible Lace! Tastes Sweet! 
crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-500g crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-500g crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-500g crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-500g
Unique Finish Edible DIAMOND Lustre Dusts!       3D Opulence Flower & Tutorial


 Graceland-c2-W Graceland-m&-W 
New! CakeArt Gold Collection: Graceland  

Calista mat +lace  Calista Cake
New Best Seller! Calista!  
New Collection! Unique Finish VIVID DIAMOND Lustre Dusts  
pa-w pa m&l w pa 2-w a66 edible-diamonds-in-25-bedazzling-colours. compressed
EXTREME CAKE DECORATING!!!  We Supply the Mat Design + the Diamonds. You Supply the Time!
EXTREME Cake Decorating: THE VIDEO!!! 
Crystal Lace Demonstration!


crystal-candy-paisley-teardrop-silicon-mat-web  paisley-teardrop-web
 New Design: Paisley TearDrop      The Paisley TearDrop Cake 

crystal-candy-will-o-the-wisp-silicon-mat-web will-o-the-wisp--cake--web
New Design: Will O The Wisp

   The Will O the Wisp Cake

make-a-wish--chocart-mat&-panel-web  live-love-laugh--chocdisc--mat&-discs-web  live love laugh cake live-love-laugh--chocdisc-lolly-pops-web
ChocArt: Silicon Mats for Creating Chocolate Panels!         ChocArt Discs  In Action!  In Action!


Take a Look at our New ChocArt Technique Tutorial

so-intense-food-colors-full-range-web soo-intense-sun-burst-web2
New Collection! So Intense Coloured Powders.  

For the deepest colours with excellent coating properties for confectionery.

Intense, true and lasting colors. 100% concentrate without any fillers.
Because of their fantastic properties, shades can be creatively mixed to colour an infinite variety of products. Can be used to colour all oil or water based food products. Perfect for coloring of chocolate, icing, fondant, royal icing, Crystal Lace Signature Blend and so much more