Merry Christmas From Crystal Candy

Merry Christmas From Crystal Candy!

Surprise and delight your guests at Christmas with examples from this Christmas feature.

The scene reveals how glasses, trees, candles and more can be decorated using our new 3D Crystal Lace Signature Blend Icing coupled with our beautiful and intricate silicon mat designs.

christmas-table-with-cake-web   christmas-glass-with-flowers-web

Here are some of the key designs behind the feature. 

 009 pl xmas garnishes use 0010 pl snowflakes use cakeart gold oriel
The Christmas Tree: Christmas Garnishes The Christmas Tree: Snowflakes The Wine Glass: Oriel
hessian-lace-web   midnight-garden-lowres   gc-015-triumphal
The Candle: Hessian  The Xmas Ball: Midnight Garden  The Cake: Triumphal 


The Crystal Candy Christmas Tree - Xmas Garnishes and Snowflakes

The Wine Glass (far left) - Oriel

The Large Candle - Hessian, Xmas Garnishes, Basillica.

The Smaller Candle - Xmas Garnishes 

Red Christmas Decoration Ball - Midnight garden