Starter Collection

Calling All Home-Bakers and Cake Decoration Hobbyists!

Crystal Candy are very pleased to introduce our new Starter Collection of six beautiful new designs. Just for you!

The concept is simple: smaller mats (24cm x 8 cm as opposed to CakeArt Gold mats which are 35 cm x 8 cm) and less intricate designs to enable decorators who are new to creating edible, lace effect Icing decorations the chance to try the technique out!

Once the technique is mastered simply move upto the full professional range.

Plus because less silicon is being used the mats are lower priced at just £17.95 each.

Try It! Love It! Move Up!

 001 luna compressed  002 marie rose__1402922282_86.140.16.20  003 phoenix__1402922361_86.140.16.20
001 Luna 002 Marie Rose 003 Phoenix
 004 sienna__1402922397_86.140.16.20  005 amaya__1402922426_86.140.16.20  006 aurora__1402922449_86.140.16.20
004 Sienna 004 Amaya 006 Aurora


 sienna cake close up. compressed  sienna cake__1402923048_86.140.16.20