Top Ten Reasons To Choose Crystal Candy

1. Crystal Candy offers the largest variety of designs on the market. We have over 50 different designs.

2. Our products are not produced in China unlike other similar products on the market. They are made in South Africa by hand.

3. Our silicon moulds are produced using food-grade silicon unlike other similar products on the market. We have the certificates to prove it. 

4. Crystal Candy designs are original designs. They are created by one person, Ray Esmany.

    Unlike many other products on the market which are re-branded designs from one company in China.

5. Crystal Candy offers quality of design over quantity of silicon. Any company can create a huge silicon mat with a basic design. We believe that less is more.

6. We think Crystal Lace is the best flexible lace icing product on the market. Our clients think so too.

7. Crystal Candy products are not just design orientated, they are also functional. For example, DoilyArt mats are 7 inches in diameter.

   This is the exact measurement for a standard sized cake whilst allowing an inch border for extra decoration.

8. Crystal Candy tries to offer exceptional customer service. We are nice people who care and try our very best.

9. Crystal Candy product offer great quality materials and design and all at a very affordable price.

10. We offer standard postage free delivery on all purchases. No matter how much a customer spends.