The DoilyArt Collection

Introducing A Brand New Collection from Crystal Candy: DoilyArt

DoilyArt is a collection of three beautiful new designs created onto high quality silicon mats: Vintage, Bouquet and Swan Lake.

The mats have also been produced with functionality in mind. Each mat is 7 inches in diameter which slightly smaller than the standard 8 inch cake. 

This allows for a border to which piping or other decorations can be attached.


3 New DoilyArt Designs

From Left: Fairy Dust, Malachite (S African Butterfly), Virginia.  

doilyart fairydust      doilyart malakite (1)      doilyart virginia (2)                       


doily fairydust mat1        doily butterflymat1      doily virginia +lace1



3 Existing DoilyArt Designs

From Left: Bouquet, Swan Lake, Vintage.

doilyart bouquet (2)            doilyart swan lake 3        doilyart vintage 2  


doilyart bouquet bw           doilyart swanlake bw         doilyart vintage 2 bw


doilyart bouquet real 1           doilyart swan lake real 1         doilyart vintage real