CupCakeArt Mats

CupCakeArt Silicon Mats

CupCakeArt mats are perfect in size for creating beautiful, work of art cupcake topper designs.

It is these highly functional and tailored mats that placed the Crystal Candy brand firmly in the cake decoration spotlight approximately 10 months ago when they were first launched

Since then more than 20 different designs have been created by Ray Esmany. Plus, in practical terms, a lip has been added to ensure the easy lifting of the Crystal Lace icing from the mould.

They area also a highly affordable product at only £13 each.

They can be used for cookies and chocolates as wll as cupcakes. And they can be used with not only Crystal Lace icinfg and other brands but also fondant icing and choclate.

CupCakeArt mats: a truly versatile, affordable cake decoration product.


             cc-005-peacock-cupcake-mould     cc-003-bianca-cupcake-mould        cc-011-farran-cupcake-mould          cc-004-raquel-cupcake-mould

               CupCakeArt: Peacock                      CupCakeArt: Bianca                             CupCakeArt: Farran                                CupCakeArt: Raquel