Laped Fondants, Modelling and Flower Pastes

Laped is an Italian Brand of high quality fondant, contempory modelling pastes and traditional flower paste.

Not to mention the new collection of low calorie fondant know as Wonderpaste Light.

Flower Paste

Laped Daisy Flower Paste is a traditonal 3 in 1 paste that can be used for modelling, as a gum paste or as flower paste. 

Available initially in white with more colours to follow. 

Wonderpaste Light

A new and unique products for the cake decorating world.

Conscious of the need to rduce sugar and calories, La[ed has create a world first: Low calorie fondant know as The Light Line.

Wonderpaste Light has half the calories of the original Wonderpaste whilst exhibiting exactly the same properties.

Original Wonderpaste Fondant

A fine sugar paste, easily workable by either hand or dough sheeter.

Thanks to the quality of the ingredients and to Laped technology, Wonderpaste is elastic and durable, thus making it easy to to make decorations without any cracking or breaking.

Availale in whit with more colours to follow

Modelling Paste

Ready to use paste for modelling figures and creating flowers and decorations.

Thanks to its high cocoa butter content, the paste allows the decorator to quickly create decorations that can then be quickly stabilised at room temperature  thus cutting down on preparation times.

Available initially in white with more colours to follow.