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The New 3D Floral Collection
 3d-peony-flower-web  3d-opulence-flower2--web  fanatazia floral web
3D Peony  3D Opulance 3D Fantazia 
3d-peony-web  3d-opulence-web fantazia-mat-web
More New Designs
 starflakes web script-web  safari-web  majestic ruffle web
New! Starflakes New! Script  New! Safari  New! Majestic Ruffle


 tropical-cocktail-glasses-web     frills-and-ruffles-web  high-tea--complete-table-setting-web
The Cocktail Project        The Frills & Ruffles Collection   The English High Tea Scene


 melody-web aspen-pc-026--web  rustic-twine-web 
 New Design! Melody New Design! Aspen New Design! Rustic Twine 


santa-rosa-lowres dakota-web hessian-lace&-bow-lowres
New Design! Santa Rosa New Design! Dakota New Design! Hessian


Six New and Exclusive Beautiful Designs
cagcser serenata rococo--lowres daisy-chain--lowres
CakeArt Gold: Seranata CakeArt Platinum: Rococo CakeArt Gold: Daisy Chain
midnight-garden-lowres le-chandre--lowres dasiesta siesta compressed
CakeArt Gold: Midnight Garden CakeArt Gold: Le Chandre DoilyArt: Siesta
The Professional Collection
valentina__compressed cakeart gold oriel amazonia cakeart platinum. celestine 1
New! Gold: Valentina New! Gold: Oriel New! Platinum: Amazonia

New! Platinum: Celestine

Cake Ideas By Crystal Candy 
 cake dreams by iris. shoe. star  sensational suga- snowflake  new cake design 11.9.14                   photo 1
Cake Dream By Iris Using Star Design Sensational Suga Using Snowflake Swirl Sugar mill Cakes Using Twilight Couture Cakes Using Shai Le


The Crystal Candy's Starter Collection.
001 luna compressed 002 marie rose__1402922282_86.140.16.20 003 phoenix__1402922361_86.140.16.20
Luna Starter Mat Design Marie Rose Starter Mat Design Phoenix Starter Mat Design
004 sienna__1402922397_86.140.16.20 005 amaya__1402922426_86.140.16.20 006 aurora__1402922449_86.140.16.20
Sienna Starter Mat Design Amaya Starter Mat Design Aurora Starter Mat Design


The Professional Collection
savanah lace + mat pc-018-shibumi-lace-decoration-mould-from-crystal-candy  step 10  isis cake



New! CakeArt Savannah New! CakeArt: SHIBUMI New! Cakeart Spring Star New! CakeArt Isis New! CakeArt Flora 


Crystal Candy Is Very Pleased To Introduce Our New Professional Edible ImageArt Collection & New Crystal Candy Combinations
imageart spring daisey cake imageart. fairyland cake. valentina-cake__compressed imageart. summerpink. cake perfection 2
Idea! Daisy Blue Combo NEW! Crystal Candy Combinations SAVE 15%  Valentina Combination Idea! Summer Pink Combo  New! CupCakeArt Combinations

A series of six beautiful images printed onto edible transfer paper, the collection consists of six designs consisting of two images sold separately: one for the top of the cake and one to wrap around the cake. These beautiful designs can be combined with our existing silicon mats to create stunning cakes for friends, family and clients. Each Edible ImageArt design can be bought individually or as part of our new Crystal Candy Combinations. We offer both 'set' Combinations or the opportunity to create your own.

Simply click on the images above for further information and discount codes.

Crystal Candy Professional Collections


009 gc eternal romance

cc-003-bianca-cupcake-mould aaaa rc-002-mystique diamonds_coloured doilyart bouquet (2)

CakeArt: Platinum & Gold

CupCakeArt RibbonArt DiamondArt DoilyArt


eb-002-starlight-brooch-mould-wht-700 (1) a40 cp-003-tiffany-cakepop-mould compressed crystal lace pack compressed


CakeArt2 BroochArt MultiArt Crystal Lace Edible ImageArt
Crystal Candy Cake Creations
 aa ribbonart  cake..triumphal-1  aa cakeart star. pink  cl cupcakes large  a44 cp-alternatives-01  renaissance detail
 RibbonArt: Fantasy.    CakeArt: Triumphal      CakeArt: Star    CupCakeArt: Bianca     MultiArt Mats: Butterflies    CakeArt: Renaissance