The Frills and Ruffles Collection

Introducing Crystal Candy's New Frills and Ruffles Collection.

The first silicon mat design for this collection is Majestic, a beautiful and intricate creation for adding a frill or ruffle to your cake using Crystal Candy's new Crystal Lace 3D Signature Blend Icing.

For information on how to get the best results simply follow our Step By Step Instructions below.

More designs will follow shortly...... watch this space!

 frills-and-ruffles-web  downtin-abbey--cakes1-top-web  crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-500g  majestic ruffle web


 1. tools. web 2. spread. web.   3. remove. web  4. cut joints. web
Key Tools Spread the Icing Removal  Cutting the Joints 


 5. ready lace  6. crimp  7. gather  8. ruffle. web.
Ready Lace Crimp Gather  Ruffle