New CakeArt Mats

Crystal Candy has produced two new concepts for our customers: CakeArt2 and CakeArt4.

CakeArt2 is one silicon mat, one unique design but two decorative strands.

CakeArt4 is one mat, two unique designs but two decorative strands of each design.

The benefits are clear: save time and money.

Save Time: create two decorative strands of one design or even two designs: in the same time it used to take to create one strand.

Save Money: more design for less money. See our prices in the Shop.


CakeArt4 Platinum Collection: Ariel and Zara: Two strands of each of two designs.



CakeArt2 Platinum Collection: Shai Lee: Two strands of one design

2 x shailee 1_1


CakeArt2 Platinum Collection: Zara: Two strands of one design



CakeArt2 Platinum Collection: Ariel: 2 strands of one design

2 x arial-1_1


CakeArt4 Gold Collection: Star: 2 strands of one design