Order the best cake decorating brands from around the world including the USA without the enormous shipping costs!!!!

Choose from the very best brands cake decorating brands from around the world. Starting with Authentic Cutters and Veiners plus GLOBAL SUGAR ART and CDA Edible Wafer Designs. 

(Crystal Candy products can still be ordered separately from this new service by simply visiting the Crystal Candy webshop with next day delivery HERE)

Simply place your order by the ORDER DEADLINE to receive your it within 5 - 10 working days!

How does it work and why 5 - 10 working days delivery time?  This is a new concept! We place all customer orders directly with the producer. We then combine all customers orders into one large shipment which is sent direct to our UK warehouse! We then send each order onto the customer. Hence the longer waiting time!

But when you think of the shipping cost savings of $30- $40 from the USA to UK/EU its well worth the wait!