Welcome to Cake Brand Club. Now Consumers Can Buy Popular Cake Decorating Brands at Genuine Trade Prices In Return for a Small Monthly Membership Fee

How Does It Work? Step 1: Check out the brands, products and trade prices. Step 2: Like what you see? Simply place your order without forgetting to pay your chosen monthly membership fee with your first order. Step 3. Order as many times as you require during your chosen membership period.

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Membership Special Offer! Pay Just £10 for Your First Month's Membership!

A great opportunity to trial our new concept without breaking the bank! Just add this membership option to your first order. You can then order as many products as you require over the next month.

We Make the Impersonal, Personal!

Our central mission is ensure that we turn the impersonal online shopping experience into a personal one! Whether through call-backs to assist with orders or even meet-ups at consumer cake decorating shows to introduce ourselves, we want to make sure we know you as well as if we had a high street shop that you visited.